Recessed luminaire series​​​​​​​ - LUCIFERO’S Bologna (BO) - ITALY

The design of the BLANK! family of lamps arises from the search for a total integration between architecture and light.
With BLANK! the environment changes dimension: from an illuminated space it becomes an illuminating space. Integrating in the most complete way with the light source eliminates any solution of continuity between one and the other.
BLANK! is a series of recessed trimless wall-to-ceiling or wall-wall luminaires for indirect diffused lighting with linear LED sources and integrated power supply. Extruded aluminum body. Painted finish. Complete with all the necessary accessories for installation and a diffusing screen in white opal PMMA. Degree of protection IP40 or IP43 depending on the collection area.
CLIENT: LUCIFERO’S s.r.l., Bologna (BO) - ITALY
DESIGN: arch. Vincenzo Russo
YEAR: 2012-2013

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