Setting up and activation of the historical-archaeological and ceramics museum  - Cerignola (FG) - ITALY
Completed the restoration of the monumental complex, in March 2012 the project was prepared for the preparation and activation of the Historical-Archaeological and Ceramics Museum and presented in the tender for the "Requalification and enhancement of the museum system" of the Puglia Region . Ranked in first place on 144 museum projects, the project is eligible for funding in March 2013.
The Torre Alemanna Museum was intended with an organic vision of the three architectural components of the ancient masserial aggregate. Clearly everyone, with their own peculiarities (dimensional and architectural characteristics, historical-artistic emergencies, functional vocations, security opportunities, etc.), suggested an appropriate distribution of the functions linked to the museum activity which, in summary, can be understood as three levels: exhibition-fruiting, technical-executive and service.
The approach to the establishment of the Museum was to offer a double opportunity: the museum display of the numerous ceramic finds found on the site and the use of the entire late medieval architectural complex, the only ancient Teutonic seat still intact in the Mediterranean area.
The museum layout systems, as well as the entire museum system, including the IT sections and laboratories, were created following criteria aimed at ensuring the protection, enhancement and promotion of the Torre Alemanna property and its heritage. Particular care has been taken in the design of the exhibition structures, in order to guarantee the quality requirements (availability, flexibility, equipment, functionality, controllability, maintainability, accessibility, recognizability) indicated by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and to build, also through the design, a unique and characteristic image of the Torre Alemanna museum, almost as if to perpetuate the originality of ceramic production, considered to be native to the scientific centers.
CLIENT/FINANCIAL INSTITUTION: Regione Puglia, Comune di Cerignola (FG) - ITALIA
DESIGN: arch. Vincenzo Russo
COMPANY: Bawer S.p.a., Altamura (BA), Consorzio IDRIA S.c.r.l., Bari (BA)
LOCATION: Cerignola (FG) - ITALY
YEAR: 2012-2016

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