PRIMADONNA Collection® world franchising shoes retail
The PRIMADONNA Collection® franchise point of sale project starts in June 2006 in response to the request of the manufacturing company to create a franchise to reserve a self-referenced and single-brand space for its product.
The project sought to combine the simplicity of the product / content (medium-low range women's shoes) with the need to communicate quality and innovation of the store / container. Above all, we tried to make the most of the exhibition space by accepting the challenge of mediating the logic commonly used in craft production by introducing them into the industrial production chain. In just two months, a tested format is created in the first opening of the store in Via Sparano in Bari. In just five years, the PRIMADONNA Collection® format is divided into 170 sales points in Italy and abroad.
Light and color are the fundamental elements of the project for a sober and communicative image of space. Minimal plexiglass tops chase each other alternating the glossy white with the opal and luminous finish, guaranteeing flexibility in the layout and an efficient relationship between sales area and display area. The light, the punctual and colored light of the floors and the linear ceiling and floor, is designed to create an emotional environment, without compromising the use of the product. The communication, conveyed by interchangeable blow-ups knowingly located in the windows and inside the store, undoubtedly represents a protagonist and highly recognizable element.
CLIENT: PRIMADONNA Collection® - Bitonto (BA) - ITALY
DESIGN: Arch. Vincenzo Russo
COMPANY: GP Shops S.r.l., Putignano (BA) - Tecna S.p.a., Monteroni d'Arbia (SI) - Agapé S.r.l., Francavilla a Mare (CH) - ITALY​​​​​​​
LOCATION: worldwide
YEAR: 2006-2011

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