Restoration of the monumental complex of Torre Alemanna (XIII-XVIII century)
with destination to Ceramics Museum and International Study Center, Cerignola (FG) - ITALY

The monumental complex of Torre Alemanna covers over 4,500 square meters dominating the surrounding area, in the heart of the village called Borgo Libertà, located about 18 km from Cerignola (FG). Characterized by an imposing tower - a little less than 24 meters high and with a square base of about 10 meters per side - built between the 13th and 14th centuries. by the Knights of the Hospitaller Order of St. Mary of the Teutonians in Jerusalem, incorporating the choir of a pre-existing church, today it appears almost intact in its most opulent architectural configuration, eloquently represented in a print of 1693 and in an extraordinary photographic documentation of the historian 1908 of art Arthur Haseloff. The eighteenth-century portal, overlooking an important crossroads of historical tracks including the Via Oraziana, enriched by a baroque fastigium and emblems that recall ancient knightly deeds and cardinal residences, represents the prelude to the narration of a complex historical stratification over a millennium long.
From a fortified residence of the Teutonic Knights (13th century) to Consistorial Commandery administered by Cardinals of the Holy See, it has established itself over the centuries as an important massing and flourishing cereal and livestock production center. The important archaeological discoveries, achieved during the restoration works, and the large amount of ceramic finds mainly of the Renaissance period, have led to the choice for the future destination as an International Center of Studies and Ceramics Museum. (see
CLIENT: Comune di Cerignola (FG)
FINANCING: Comunità Europea, Regione Puglia, Comune di Cerignola (FG) - ITALY
DESIGN: Arch. Vincenzo Russo, Ing. Giambattista La Notte
COMPANY: SAD + IMEX S.r.l. - Modugno (Ba) (1997-1999), Sedir S.r.l. - Cerignola (FG) (2001), Dicorato, General Impianti di Corvasce V. & C. Sas, F.lli Caputo Francesco e Nicola Snc, - Barletta (BT) (2006-2008)
LOCATION: Cerignola (FG) località Torre Alemanna/Borgo Libertà
YEAR: 1997-2009

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