SUBmotion - Audiovisual installation - historic center Maratea (PZ) - ITALY
The spectacular scenery of the seabed, the mutated colors and the sparkling surface of solar holds, rise from the sea at a height of three hundred meters to regain possession of an intense history of relations with the city of Maratea and its people. The audio-video installation tries to mend the controversial relationship between sea and city, between man and nature, highlighting the two souls of Maratea: the more commercial, dominated by tourist flows and the more secret and more ancient one, made of little alleys practiced because they are not practicable. The sounds and images of the seabed merging with the voices and noises of the man-made hamlet give the stone walls of the buildings, through acoustic and visual suggestions, transforming them into cinematic backdrops. The tunnels of the narrow streets become harmonic coffers, thus restoring the emotion and movement of a habitat like that of the sea in continuous dynamism.

SUBmotion was born within the event AcquAria-Maratea step 36 edited by Lucania Promotion and held from 10 to 14 September 2014.
CLIENT:  Regione Basilicata, Comune di Maratea (PZ), Lucania Promotion - ITALY
DESIGN: Arch. Vincenzo Russo
COMPANY: Pino Parisi - Bari (BA), Maratea Servizi -Maratea (PZ) - ITALY
LOCATION: Maratea (PZ)
YEAR: 2014

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