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67th IIA 2018 - stand BAWER S.p.a. - Hannover (H) 20_27-09-2018 - Hall 26 stand B48 - GERMANY
BAWER SpA, a leading company in the production of components and accessories for steel, stainless steel and aluminum industrial vehicles, presents for the first time a line of plastic toolboxes (molded polypropylene) for the 67th IIA 2018 in Hanover, the most important trade fair for mobility, transport and logistics.
The need to enhance the unusual collection and the reasons for confidentiality, manifested by the company during the preliminary briefings, indicated the design lines for setting up a 300 square meter stand on one level.
A large central volume, developed in height by 6.00 m and surrounded by a peristyle of variable-size monoliths, appears as a sort of temple cell that secretly guards the new plastic toolboxes. Four product variants are exhibited on backlit plexiglass parallelepipeds that rise from the floor, standing out in a deliberately dark environment to offer an emotional and sensorial experience of lights, sounds and projections.
Along the external perimeter there are further areas destined to show part of the collection in the catalog and to the contract areas. On one of the two side heads a garden hosts a lounge area where massive blow-ups recall the rocky landscape of the gravina of Matera, the European capital of culture for 2019 and the site of Bawer's production facilities.
CLIENT: BAWER S.p.a. - Matera (MT) - ITALY
DESIGN: arch. Vincenzo Russo
COMPANY: Vas Group, Altedo (BO) · ITALY
YEAR: 2018

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