FEMME - shoes shop, via Argiro - Bari (BA) - ITALY
FEMME is a project that was born with the intent to qualify a medium-low end product within an emotional space, capable of attracting customers habitually turned to a more prized product. The location of the sales point, in the way of the most important boutiques, could be an obstacle both for the usual customer and for the potential new customers. The design choice was directed towards the creation of a pure and luminous space characterized by the prevalence of the white color, where curvilinear elements give dynamism and depth to the straight environment. The light, placed between floors and walls and between fixed furniture and floor, gives lightness and accentuates the protagonism of the product. The red of the curved tops, the poufs and the fifth on the bottom creates a dialogue with the idea of ​​luxury and quality. An extraclear etched glass wall acts as an infinite backdrop and hosts retouched graphic panels that are interchangeable with the seasons.
CLIENT: Femme S.r.l.
DESIGN: Arch. Vincenzo Russo
COMPANY: Scrimieri Arredamenti, Martina Franca (TA) · ITALY
YEAR: 2002

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